Welcome to Pro-File v5.0

All the original menu options remains but are grouped and displayed differently, as icons.  Search functions are grouped under the new "dashboard" tab 

Pro-File is a tool designed to help NHS pharmacy staff to identify and source unlicensed “special” medicinal products needed to treat individual NHS patients whose clinical needs can’t be met by use of (a) licensed medicine(s), and to obtain the most appropriate products from the most appropriate sources. We hope the new software will make it quicker and easier for users to find the information they need and for manufacturers to manage their inventories. Apart from improved page format and layout, the main difference users will see is that manufacturers can now flag products which are temporarily unavailable. For further help please click on the "help" tab at the right of the blue bar at the top of your screen. You can also contact us by clicking on the "feedback" link under the "help" tab.


The information contained in this website is supplied by NHS pharmacy staff on the strict understanding that it is provided solely for the use of other NHS pharmacy staff to support decision making about obtaining unlicensed medicines for the treatment of NHS patients. No information obtained from this database may be circulated outside the NHS without the written permission of the manufacturer(s) or supplier(s) concerned.

Why do you need a "Special"?

The attention of all pharmacy staff is drawn to the restrictions on the use of unlicensed medicines imposed under the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 and described fully in MHRA Guidance Note 14 (revised 2014), “The supply of unlicensed relevant medicinal products for individual patients”. Before seeking to source a “special” it is the responsibility of pharmacists to satisfy themselves that the clinical needs of the patient(s) concerned can be adequately met only by the use of a unlicensed medicine in preference to use of a licensed medicine.

Pharmacy staff responsible for making decisions about procurement and use of  Specials are reminded that final legal and professional responsibility rest with them and not with the manufacturer 

  • for specifying the product(s) they want to buy
  • for assuring themselves that that the products they receive match the specification of the products they ordered
  • for assuring themselves that the products they receive are of appropriate quality, are appropriate for the their intended use and can be administered safely and appropriately.